17 Eylül 2010 Cuma

VRV platforms

Daikin VRVIII NEW GENERATION SYSTEMS is 1.VRV system? VRV system, a single outdoor unit (or outdoor unit to the group), a single copper line and that can connect multiple indoor units with all the independent places and heating or cooling and partial ventilation desired climatic conditions without any problems, providing a superior air-conditioning technology. VRV, English words of Variable Refrigerant Volume (Variable Flow Refrigerants) abbreviation. VRV system, which pioneered the first time, these systems still Daikin Industries Ltd Japan. was invented by the firm in 1982 and subsequently the system was patented by the company. Therefore only the right to use that name in its products, Daikin Industries Ltd..

is firm. In recent years, energy savings, comfort, and precise control of operating costs to the fore with the VRV system has an important place in the HVAC industry.


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