23 Eylül 2010 Perşembe

LISCO will organize symposium in the iron and steel industry

Arab Steel reported that Libyan Iron & Steel Company will organize a symposium on the September 30th 2010 on investment opportunities in the iron and steel industry in Libya under the slogan Partnership for Development.

This symposium aims to encourage local as well as international investors to invest in the Libyan iron and steel industry which have many essential elements such as energy, strategic geographical location, local market growth and the substantial annual growth of local economy.

In this regard, the LISCO development plan is scheduled within a more comprehensive plan that aims to open the door for investments in Libya. Moreover, this plan aims basically to diversify and develop LISOC's production in order to meet the needs of the local market and to export to the global markets.

According to the plan, it is expected that liquid steel production will increase from 1.7 million tonne currently to 2.6 million tonne in the first development phase which is an increase by 53%.

Long products bars and rods capacity is scheduled to increase from 600,000 tonnes to 1.6 million tonne ie 160% increase. The strip mill capacity is also scheduled to raise by 71% from 580,000 tonnes to 990,000 tonnes the thing which shall help the company to better meet the local market needs, especially with regard to long products that are witnessing a non stop growth in local demand.

LISCO is the only Hot Briquetted Iron producer in North Africa also accounting for 90% of the long and flat products overall output in the Libyan market. LISCO marked more than one million tons of long and flat products output in 2009 in addition to HR, CR and coated products.


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