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A healthy person, per day to drink a liter of mineral water

Experts of daily fluid requirements of most of us, "mineral water" that we call "mineral water" from the face of numerous benefits to human health says. Carbonated mineral water in Turkey, with a classic (in our country do not have the option of non-carbonated mineral water), about the latest research, the annual per capita consumption of 6 liters is revealed. Istanbul University, Faculty of Medicine, Medical Faculty, Department of Ecology and Professor Hydroclimatology. Dr. With intelligent Karagül, even in European countries, per capita daily consumption is around one liter of the lack of attention to the situation we are emphasizing

How much should INSIDE?
Mineral water during the day, in divided doses and can be consumed in any situation of hunger and satiety. Prof. Dr. Karagül clever with 2-2.5 liters of water daily to healthy individuals to meet the requirements of mineral water is recommended to consume. In this way, the necessary water intake by the body, such as magnesium and calcium have entered is too precious minerals. Prof. Karagül with natural mineral water per person per day need to consume 1 liter of the "natural mineral water, carbonated soft" terms, while one liter of "non-carbonated natural mineral water are low," he says from the face of the most ideal.

The incidence of sudden death due to heart disease is decreasing, prostate and breast cancer is less common.

High-calcium, strengthening bones, osteoporosis is protected.

Calcium, magnesium, helps blood vessels and muscles to work properly.

Bicarbonate content in mineral water, acids associated with excess stomach acid in the stomach, the regulatory function, blood acid-base balance in the anti-corruption, support metabolism in diabetes and blood pressure effects of the show organizers.

Sulfate mineral water found in the liver, gall bladder and helps to run regular routes
Mineral waters, cardio-vascular system, metabolism, excretion and renal function, and all are healthy to work. Moreover, nerve, skin and immune system functions that are associated with beneficial results. Prof. Karagül with minerals such as calcium and magnesium to the sense of the daily requirements that meet a certain percentage of mineral water safely consumed by healthy individuals of any age can be said. Which will be before and after sports drink mineral water, the body serves to prevent water loss. Also on hot days to prevent water loss caused by the consumption of mineral water can pass. Morning commuters, a person with a glass of cold mineral water, a more vigorous and energetic start to the day it was stated.

* Young People
* Those in the age of puberty
* Pregnant women
* Post-menopausal women
* Advanced yaştakiler
In infants breast milk is an indispensable source of food and fluids is known. Addition to this, is through diet and appropriate non-carbonated mineral composition of prepared foods made with mineral water will be said an ideal mix of food.


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