18 Eylül 2010 Cumartesi

Get pretty simple steps

To fascinate anyone who has a beauty salon for a need to keep the path. You will make yourself at home with a few operations on the eyes ... you can collect

HOME Manicure
Shape your nails: Nail tips to prevent them from leaving your nails filed to the same direction. The square nails rounded edges so fashionable this year.
Some creep: stained by nail polish of your nails to interfere with the most healthy way, goes to the base period. Your manicure and nail polish at the same time to extend the life of your benefits.
Paint: Painting to start from the middle and toward the edges of your fingernails continue. Apply two thin coats of lacquer you.

Smooth skin
Any time before the foundation of your skin clean is very important. Free from grease and dirt will be much more effective than a skin foundation.
Pour a small amount of foundation on your hands and continue to use your ring finger. Your nose, cheeks, chin and forehead to Apply.
Apply foundation and a sponge in the middle of your face, starting from the outer regions towards the publication. To eat well, especially your scalp and jaw that of a more natural look.


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