17 Eylül 2010 Cuma

Food Sector

Wheat prices rose 70 percent in 8 months. To the peak of the last two years, food prices in poor countries began to take life. Food prices to the peak of the last two years, the ensuing protests began in Africa, three years ago, which shook several countries in the world to experience the fear of riots gave birth again. The first bad news came from Mozambique. Bloody clashes were due to higher prices. Russia's largest manufacturer of cereal grains exports due to drought have brought that ban to extend to fuel supply concerns. Wheat, $ 8 / buşelin went over.

Wheat prices rose 70 percent since January. Following Russia's decision to ban the FAO has called an emergency meeting. The increase in prices experienced in other agricultural products, food inflation is the fear of relapse. The price of corn has increased 30 percent just a few months. The highest level of coffee prices in 13 years. Since May, 54 percent said sugar zamlan. Price is not on top of 20 years


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