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Eats a lot less sleep

Today, people in most of the common problem of sleep, hunger, excessive weight is one of the main charge. USA Brigham and Women's Hospital Harvard Medical School Center for Sleep Health professionals, sleep, along with lifestyle and work life, which determines the quality of life, says one of three main elements. A quality of life in order to balance these three elements are absolutely required.


Affect the relationship between sleep and nutrition are two kinds of hormones. The hormone leptin, increases in blood sugar level when he fell. When the people rise to the hormone ghrelin. When ghrelin increases hunger by feeding center in the brain compensates satisfied. When leptin is not hungry is increasing. Reduces to stay sleepless ghrelini, leptin is increased. When leptin increased blood sugar level drops, and people feel the need to eat more. Decrease when ghrelin also need to eat more than being born. On the other hand, changes in glucose levels also leads to the emergence of the need for sleep. Our body is necessary for him to get energy from food we eat is. After eating foods with added sugars in the intestine is transformed to pieces and small intestine and then absorbed from the blood flow through our body falling apart. Blood glucose for energy provision, particularly muscle, liver, fat and brain tissues, such as into cells of all organs to be let.

Dozer will SUGAR HIGH
In the blood sugar to enter cells in the pancreas gland with insulin, the hormone is secreted. Or if the hormone insulin in the blood and can not be absorbed by cells, although it is unable to effect entry into cells can not accumulate in the blood sugar and sugar begins to rise. The estimation of the morning on an empty stomach blood sugar 126 mg / dL to Exceed case 'sugar disease' is called. Blood glucose 180 mg / dl glucose in the urine comes when you exceed. As a result of all these processes, very high blood sugar in diabetic patients can be seen when drowsiness. Low blood sugar after meals in common, will adversely affect the quality of life. Not only reduce a person's energy, fatigue, dizziness, and impatience leads to anger. Person's job performance has also dropped. In medicine 'reactive hypoglycemia, known as "the disease, although how much work a person can not give any weight are found in most.


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