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Are you sure you brush your teeth right?

Most of us our teeth for a long time brushing if we even cleaner we think. Whereas the teeth while brushing not for how the brush that is more important. Occur due to different causes of gingival recession among the most important reason has an important place in the wrong brush.

EDAD (Aesthetic Dental Academy Association) President Assoc. Dr. Assigned to the causes and treatment of gingival recession Anil explains.

People laughed when the overall front teeth and 60% surface area appears. In this white space between the gums appear too light a triangular way. According to the structure of the muscles of a person's mouth, gums, sometimes more can be shown. So we actually teeth, only 60% part, but sometimes 60%, 70, 80, 90 parts to see go. In some cases, the tooth 100% looks and gums looks.
If the gums have pulled if it becomes visible and this is very disturbing to us as if the aesthetic. This is because the ratio between width and height of the tooth's gums and teeth the size of the withdrawal of corruption will increase significantly more than normal. Under a relevant topic than this. Nobody wants to look that long of tooth. Height of the gums look out here again is another difficulty. Normally, the red side of the teeth where a tooth has turned into recession if there is to it 's white. So when you look all the same size teeth on one side for too long it seems, and this is causing a breakdown of symmetry. Asymmetrical image that is bothering people. For him to gingival recession, smiling into space in a field full of teeth, then creates a problem in aesthetics.

Basic treatment of gingival recession gum withdrawal no reason to question 3 is in order. Sometimes caused by gingival recession, tooth is outside the range of normal tooth. That is to come to his lips moving, for example. Then something must be done is to take courses in orthodontic tooth. As it pulled out because the tooth continues.

The second cause of gingivitis gum underlying bone begins to dissolve. In fact, is fed from the gum bone. When the supporting bone around the teeth, gums so the melt goes back together with him. Then we have to do things here, first to treat inflammation of the gingival recession that should continue. After treatment of gingival inflammation, if so, then withdrawn from the front surface of the roots of teeth to remove gum, we would get the gum tissue from the palate and that among these dişetiyle build the tooth root. In this way, and there are increasing the size and thickness of the gingiva. In this way the treatment of gingival recession is.

The third reason is due to brushing your teeth wrong. People think they're very down better brushing. If brushing does not work no more than two minutes. Would undermine both the teeth and gums are so drawn. For it is necessary to learn the correct brushing technique.

Very rarely associated with inflammation of gingival recession in the early years after that comes 18'lerden. But usually 30-35 years after the start of gingival inflammation. In such situations, not just the gingival recession, gingival recession of gingival inflammation is usually converted to 40-50 years is toward more pronounced. We cared so much to see in young people is seen in recession. 50-10 times a day because their teeth are brushed with a 3 minute down. He brushed the wrong time to withdraw due to begin at an earlier age. Actually not very long for him to brush long enough to brush. Also with electric toothbrushes, 45-50 seconds for a while, close to two minutes by hand to brush to brush out sahip.Bunun due to an effect that protects the tooth abrasion toothpaste that makes it even harder to use.


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